Teaching & Parenting

For Whom

This program is for practicing teachers, especially of Junior and Middle School, Human Resource Development professionals, School Administrators and interested parents.

Previous knowledge of psychology is NOT mandatory.

About the Course:

  • To familiarize participants with important concepts for becoming a life skills facilitator and a helping professional.

  • To blend personal style with Behavioral Science for enhanced effectiveness in teaching, parenting and facilitating.

  • To understand common learning and development disorders and possible remedies.

  • To strengthen awareness of Self that in turn enables understanding of Others.

Lessons from Behavioral Science for enhanced effectiveness in Teaching & Parenting

Module One:Introduction to Behavioral Science

It explores the various existing approaches and methods of behavioral science as well as other contemporary theories. It also discusses the nuances of a Counseling Relationship.

Module Two:Process of effective Teaching, Parenting and Facilitating

This module focuses on understanding the what, why, dos and dont, dynamics of teaching, parenting and facilitating development.

  • How much of disciplining is enough?

  • How much of caring and giving is enough?

  • When NOT to agree to demands for gifts and party time?

  • When to counsel, when to coach, when to discipline?

Module Three: The process of nurturing

This module deals with the competencies and attributes essential for a nurturing parent and a counselor. A generic model for implementing after the course is also shared.

Course Methodology

This program is spread over three consecutive sessions/days with each module of 2 hours. The concepts shall be taught by behavioral science experts using case discussion, exercises and videos.