Career Aptitude Traction System (CATS)

Class X and XII students are in a big state of confusion with respect to their identity, their aptitude and their career choices. They do not have an idea about the required mental, physical and social preparation. Left to fend for themselves most students either pick up misguided notions or jump start onto a track of academic preparation that is not only faulty but also non relevant to business/industry needs. The effect of this appears much later when they look for internships, projects and finally jobs.Based on discussions with industry leaders, students and academic directors some issues that need immediate attention emerge. It is important that such issues are addressed early enough for success in academic life as well as personal life.

Traditional Counseling Programs

Almost all good schools have some counseling program or the other. Generally some programs consist of Psychometrics and sharing of information on various opportunities that exist in the market. They tell what but not the how. Often students take such programs and are then left high and dry about the next steps to mitigate the weaknesses or capitalize on the strengths they have. Such life changing development interventions need to be sustained and reinforced over time. The engagement of Teachers as well as Parents is crucial for everlasting impression on the minds of young students.

It is a fact that both parents as well as students have expectations, perceptions and anxieties regarding their future life. A well-structured program that engages them in an appreciative dialogue lays solid foundations for the process of academic and social development that continues throughout their life. After all, in the real sense, education is preparation for Life itself!

CATS: Bringing together Teachers, Students and Parents

As India churns out millions of school pass outs it is time to rethink core concepts and approach to education. While this is a topic of national importance and serious deliberation by top educationists, the first step is being offered by LeadWynn. This is by presenting to students as well as their parents a program that is designed to establish foundations for becoming successful.