Sow Talent

Time has changed!

The goal of MahÄshishya Foundation is to create a system for continuous improvement of instruction, supervision, and instructional leadership.

As knowledge becomes the resource of post capitalist society, the social position of the school as producer and distributive channel of knowledge and its monopoly will be challenged. What will be thought and learned, how it will be taught and learned; who will make use of schooling, and the position of school in the society all of these will change greatly during the ensuing decades. Indeed no other institution faces challenges as radical as those that will transform a school.

Current Scenario

Students less motivated by traditional incentives

-Less fear and respect for authority

-Less belief in delayed gratification & hard work = success

-Increased isolation from adults

Re-Framing the Problem: Reform vs. Reinvention

We do not know how to teach ALL students NEW skills. This is a new education challenge and societal aspiration that requires development of new professional knowledge, new school structures, and new ways of working more systemically and strategically.

Children become adults earlier

One thing is certain, whether it be via the media or directly in their lives, children are increasingly subjected to the whole range of emotions known to adults, not to mention a wide variety of relationships spreading from the best to the worst.

Research findings

Student achievement will NOT improve unless and until teaching improves. Higher standards and more testing do not, by themselves, improve teaching.

Teachers, working alone, with little or no feedback on their instruction, will NOT be able to improve significantly no matter how much professional development they receive.